Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

Many Attractive Examples for GroundForge





On this page we show examples of grounds with all spiders. Larger spiders are possible, but it will take Groundforge some time to generate the diagrams.

Torchon spiders

Please note: for a traditional Torchon spider, a stitch like ctcctc or ctctctc has to be chosen in the heart of the spider.

4x2 legs 4x3 legs 4x4 legs 4x5 legs

with different stitches

All spiders 4x4 legs.

in a diamond

4x2 legs 4x3 legs 4x4 legs 4x5 legs

Spiders with an eye

Please note: to get a clear eye in the middle, the stitches in the eye of the spider have to be chosen like the example for the 4x3 legged spider: B2=ctclctc F2=ctcrctc .

4x2 legs 4x3 legs 4x4 legs

in a diamond

4x3 legs 4x4 legs

Spiders with a narrow eye

spider with narrow eye Spiders with a narrow eye also can be achieved using step 2 or step 3 on a fish in half stitch.

in a diamond

spider with narrow eye, diamond

Binche spiders

See also page Snowflakes.


There are many ways of making a binche spider. Below are given some examples.
See also page Counting snowflake families.

family 563412 family 623451 family 123654

traditional spider, on a Binche pricking

binche small spider

Stacked spiders

stacked spiders