Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

Many Attractive Examples for GroundForge


Paris grounds



photo mt-0434 The photo shows the example on the bottom of this page, but slighty adapted to get the colours right. The “middle” stitch is a pin chain (Stretched Paris ground).

Traditional Paris ground

paris ground tradional 0403-kg 0408-kg 0441-xg 0424-kf

Stretched Paris ground

For the stretched paris ground, see on page rose grounds.

Paris ground in a diamond

p-paris-in-sqr This ground is also known as dropped stitch ground”.

Big Paris ground

big-paris This ground is also known as Copenhagen hole.

Alternative arrangements

G54 G64


Extension of big paris ground

extension big paris extension big paris with 3 pair join

Extension of dropped stitch ground

extension dropped stitch

Another arrangement

swiss cheese

Way of making

The following example shows three different matrix-scheme’s to obtain the same ground.

as paris ground as rose ground as torchon ground