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Miscellaneous examples



Miscellaneous examples, collected on this page.

Vase ground

vase ground

3 paired join

There are several ways of making three-paired joins. As Groundforge does not do real three-paired joins, we decomposed the join in several 2-paired joins, and show approximately how the stitch looks like. We would like to thank Gibritte for inspiring us. She discovered, that you can make a star-join on the fish-scheme! Please click on the picture of the join you wish to see.

  • Star
    p-3pr-st-h p-3pr-st-v p-3pr-s2-v
  • Triangle
    p-3pr-tr-h p-3pr-tr-v
  • Fish and snowflake
    p-3pr-fh-h p-3pr-sn-v p-3pr-sn-d