Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

Many Attractive Examples for GroundForge


Embellished clothwork



Usually, a clothwork area is made in one stitch (cloth stitch, half stitch or whole stitch) going more or less horizontally from left to right and back again. In Embellished Clothwork different, asymmetric stitches are applied in one area, going strictly horizontally from left to right and back on the next row.

For embellished clothwork with one stitch and its mirrored versions only, see net variations.
An explanation of the color code used on this page can be found on color rules.

If you hoover with your mouse over a picture on this page, a number is displayed. These numbers have no specific meaning, but can be used for reference. Sometimes, a name is displayed. This refers to the name of the work where this variation was used for the first time (to our knowlegde).

Pleae note: if the ground is made with asymmetric stitches like crcl, the ground might benefit if a pin is put in every stitch, like cr-P-cl and even ct-P-c.
Please note: the diagrams on this page show all twists between stitches.

A note on footsides


For most of the horizontal nets, the footsides on the left and right are best made with stitches like (t)ctPctctPc(t) covering two rows as shown in the picture on the right.


Or stitches like cllPcrcllPcr on the left footside and crrPclcrrPcl on the right footside.

1 column

1 column, 2 rows

EC-001 EC-002 EC-003

2 columns

2 columns, 2 rows

meander EC-009 EC-010 EC-011 EC-018 EC-027 EC-016 EC-017 EC-019 EC-020 EC-021 EC-022 EC-031

2 columns, 2 rows, offset 1


3 columns

3 columns, 2 rows

EC-014 EC-023 EC-025

3 columns, 2 rows, offset 1

EC-012 EC-013 EC-026

3 columns, 6 rows


4 columns

4 columns, 2 rows

EC-028 EC-024 EC-030