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Lotus & Lattice



Lotus grounds are usualy used in small braids, typically 14-18 pairs of bobbins.
The grounds consists of a number of rows with two or more cloth stitches followed with a changing number of twists in the weaver. Lotus starts with a cloth stitch, and ends with a cloth stitch with the neighbouring petal. In between the lotus-rows, zero, one ore more rows with e.g. half stitch, pin, half stitch are made.
If the end is made with the same pairs as the start, the ground is called Fish.

Please note: some of the examples below are known als Lattice.

Please note: if a lotus has an odd number of horizontal, like H3, the weavers change direction at the next set of lotus. This is not shown in the matrices used for the examples.

Lotus notation

Lotus H,V,X means: the number of Horizontal rows, the number of Verticals and the number of rows in between. See the picture.

lotus notation

Lotus examples