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Paris grounds



photo mt-0434 The photo shows the example on the bottom of this page, but slighty adapted to get the colours right. The “middle” stitch is a pin chain (Stretched Paris ground).

Traditional Paris ground

paris ground tradional 0403-kg 0408-kg 0441-xg 0424-kf

Stretched Paris ground

For the stretched paris ground, see on page rose grounds.

Paris ground in a diamond

p-paris-in-sqr This ground is also known as dropped stitch ground”.

Big Paris ground

big-paris This ground is inspired by lace from ‘s Gravenmoer.

Alternative arrangements

G54 G64


Extension of big paris ground

extension big paris

Extension of dropped stitch ground

extension dropped stitch

Another arrangement

swiss cheese

Way of making

The following example shows three different matrix-scheme’s to obtain the same ground.

as paris ground as rose ground as torchon ground