Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

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Mirrored and rotated stitches.

Soundless video clip.

The clip shows that the buttons and change the text field. You can subsequently assign the text value to stitches in the diagram.

Notes on mirroring stitches.

These diamond and square patterns (with other stitches than the video demo above) are used to demonstrate details of the flip effects in the figures below.

Figure A and C are the color coded diagrams for B and D. The fat arrow heads indicate working directions. Each blue dashed line in A-E indicates a flip axis. A red dashed line in C-D is not a flip axis. Mixed dashes: flip axis for the pair diagram but not for the corresponding thread diagram. The yellow dashed lines in B illustrate how the stitches rotate by 45 degrees to appear in C.

The small arrow heads in G show an impossible situation. Two arrows meet one another, another goes up: the direction of the worker pair should have flipped too. The bright green stitch in F show the right part of G in context.