Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

a suite of projects and applications

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D-BL offers a roof to a suite of projects and applications related to bobbin lace.

  • Grids  
  • GroundForge generates thread diagrams from pair diagrams (and vise versa too)
    • Play with stitches in simple nets, six-pair snowflakes, Valenciennes/Paris variations or wobbling Rose ground units
    • Browse galleries with predefined patterns (traditional and experimental) and play with your own choice of stitches:
      • Tesselace — Algorithmically designed lace tessellations linked to GroundForge diagrams.
      • Sampler by Gertrude Whithing — Demonstrates the power and limitations.
      • MAE Many Attractive Examples — Community contributions.
    • Design your own pattern from scratch
    • Symmetrical pattern variations from your own template.
    • Add components with customized forms to your own web pages.

Licenses vary per project. We usually have GPL, simplified BSD for code and CC-BY for documentation and examples.