Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

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The purpose/meaning of buttons/icons in short

(i) Link
To a help page. Hover over the icon for the subject.

wand link Reload
The wand reloads only the diagrams (faster) / the link reloads the entire page and your browser will remember the pattern

The character inside the circle determines the origins of the pairs used to make the stitch. The default cheat sheet shows all you need to assemble a pattern. An extended version shows additional symbols used in legacy patterns.

3x3 Stitch enumeration
This icon lets you toggle between showing/hiding an enumeration of used stitches and their color(s). The button is only available on the crowded deprecated page.

2x2 Color code rules
This icon leads to the rules for a color code with up to four colors per stitch.
The Droste pair diagrams still use a single color per stitch.

print Print/PDF friendly The page is intended to build your own catalogue of patterns, either on paper or as a collection of PDF documents.

inc dec - max reset min Panel size
Depending on the browser/device, the diagrams may have a hot corner in the south-east, where the sliders meet. Drag this corner to adjust the available space. The buttons shown here are an alternative when the hot corner is not available, for example on touch devices. A half minute video clip shows how to use the second set of buttons.

It may bridge the difference in shapes of the holes between pattern definition and thread diagram. For example for dropped stitches or irregular holes. An example of the latter is the TesseLace pattern 3x4_447 which becomes surprisingly regular. See also reshape patterns.

Scalable images for 3rd party editors, or templates for an Inkscape plugin.