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On this page several snowflake-grounds are collected.
Please see the discussion on the Notes page about the difference between spiders and snowflakes.

Snowflake 60

Usually, the little snowflake is drawn as picture on the left, on a 60 degree grid. Most of the variants shown on this page benefit of extra pins on the sides. As in the picture on the right. In the prickings below, the pins are not drawn.

Binche Snowflake

binche snow For the Binche spiders see page Spiders.

Little Snowflake

little snowflake 0345-og 0347-og 0381-og 0341-og 0304-og 0355-og 0301-og 0307-og 0366-og

Little snowflake, crossed

little snowflake crossed 0306-kg 0356-kg 0381-ng 0309-ng 0341-ng 0301-ng 0307-ng 0342-lg 0343-dg 0366-ng

Snowflake in a diamond

snowflake in diamond 0305-oiv

Snowflake in a diamond, crossed

snowflake diamond crossed 0341-div 0356-kio

Snowflakes diagonal

diagonal snowflake

Other arrangements

offset snowflake 37-01 38-01

Windmill snowflakes

The name of these snowflakes is based on origami.

Windmill snowflakes framed with a Paris ground

windmill in paris ground variant

Ringed paired windmill snowflakes

windmill in ring pair

Windmill snowflakes in a diamond

windmill in diamond



Making of

Some of the grounds can be made either as a crossed snowflake or as a rose ground. See the example below: the result is the same.
as snowflake as rose ground