Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

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Links, wand and undo

The two buttons and (re)render the current definition of pair/thread-diagrams.

is faster and does not change the size of the diagram panels.

updates the parameters in the page address. The browser will remember this version of the pattern.

You need an up to date page address to create links to a diagram to share on your web-site, blog or where ever you like.

Known bug: When you (right-) click , the value might be out of sync with the actual pattern configuration. A second time it will be up to date.

The long links may be a problem in emails. At least two remedies are available:

  • Use a shortening service
  • When you know how to make a mental map of form fields and address components (like stitches: xxx=ctc) you can try to leave out the less essential parts out of the link and take the default value for granted, please test the result.

Undo complete pattern configurations

When having second thoughts on changes made to a pattern you can use the back button of your browser to return to the pattern as it was last time when you used When you used the latter button to inspect the result of your changes, you’ll have to undo changes made to individual form fields as explained below.

Undo individual fields

When the cursor is in some free text field you can return to a previous choice for that field with CTRL-Z (Windows, *nix systems) or COMMAND-Z (Mac), For some fields, some browsers may let you choose from a list of previous values with the same start, erase the field and the down or up arrow of your keyboard shows all your previous choices. Depending on your browser settings, these values may stay for a next session.