Diagrams for Bobbin Lace

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Print/PDF friendly page

The print/PDF friendly page is intended to build your own catalogue of patterns, either on paper or as a collection of PDF documents. Your operating systems allows you to browse through thumbnails of your PDF collection.

The print preview of your browser has an option to choose a destination: a printer or a PDF document. Saved documents have a link back to the interactive page where you can continue tweaking the pattern.

The page has only diagrams and an enumeration of the stitches. The print preview of your browser drops the last interaction clutter. The page has 1-color-per-stitch diagrams as well as 4-color-per-stitch, both in an animated version and a not animated version. Diagrams for the Droste patterns (using a thread diagram as pair diagram) are only available on the interactive page.

Thread colors

Links to pattern definitions, whether interactive or print/pdf friendly, don’t preserve thread colors. You will have to (re)apply the colors. When you click a bobbin or start of a thread, the thread takes the color of the colored rectangle. Click the rectangle to change its color. A PDF preserves the colors, but to change them after saving, you will have to return to the web page. After reloading the page you’ll have to start coloring all over again.

Space per diagram

Use the hot corners at the right bottom of the diagrams to resize their available space. Almost hide those you don’t want in your print/PDF. Increase the space to show more of a diagram or enforce a new line or new page.

Third party editors

Vector based editors (like Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator) can import a saved PDF. Thus, you can tweak the result or copy-paste sections into your own documents.

The interactive page has download buttons for all the diagrams. These downloads result in less clutter and gives you access to sections beyond the visible area of your browser.