Bobbin Lace Diagrams : threads from pairs

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Diagram properties

Page Thread diagrams Pair diagrams Tiling Foot sides
tiles.html black/red color coded / squared + rounded complex fringes or custom defined
sheet.html - black & white / squared simple -
tesselace-index - black & white / rounded n.a. -

Squared : stitches are placed on square grid positions
Rounded : an animated process makes the holes of a squared pattern as round as possible
Many squared diagrams can result in the same rounded diagram.


A tile is a rectangular grid section with stitches.

Withe simple tiling the tiles are repeated in both directions as on a checker board, or horizontally shifted by a half rectangle as in a brick wall.

With complex tiling the rectangles can be shifted either horizontally or vertically by any number of stitches, or the rectangles partially overlap each others corners.

Patterns expressed with complex tiles can be expressed with simple tiles but will require larger tiles. As a consequence the same stitch should be assigned multiple times.