Bobbin Lace Diagrams : threads from pairs

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Replace / skip stitches

The screen-cast video on the [Binche] page shows how to change or replace stitches. The faint nodes in the prototype diagram repeat the bold ones. Click on a bold node to make a yellow form field appear with a stitch definition.

Type as many c’s and t’s for cross and twist as you need for the stitch of your choice, or use l’s and r’s for a left twist or right twist. Some stitches to copy paste:


Only less trivial stitches are listed, drop or add twists at will. Each second string is the mirrored version of the stitch. Note that the last two are perceived as two stitches by lace makers, they show up as one stitch in the pair diagram, the pin is left out.

The example below applies the last stitch above with a few more twists.

Life version

When erasing the content of a stitch field, the value from “define a repeat” in the advanced section will be filled in, if that is empty ctc will be filled in. To deliberately ignore a stitch from the prototype, you’ll have to fill in a dash: -. The green arcs in the diagrams below show how stitches will be reconnected in the pair diagram. One case is straight forward. In the other case two stitches are merged because they were were connected with parallel pairs. Too many adjacent ignored stitches may cause weird thread diagrams with pairs swapped before a stitch is made.

Life version